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Public API version 1

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The authentication method is based in OAuth. It is usually done using the Authorization header (can also be done via a GET parameter), you can check it if you inspect the network usage when you navigate on the dashboard as an example. Just include this header with the correct token from any dashboard XHR request in your requests and you are ready to go.

Different integration ways for our API:

  1. Using the temporal token from the dashboard (for testing, just log in and inspect the network from your browsers inspector tool, see above)
  2. Generating a long term token from the dashboard tool (We need to review your request and extend the expiration time of the token)
  3. Using JWT to generate temporal tokens which can be used in a server to server communication (similar to Google's OAuth2ServiceAccount)

Other ways of integration

This methods need almost no need of coding knowledge.

  1. Using our JavaScript widget (de | en).
  2. Using a self developed Divi extension for Wordpress which allows to load events in a wordpress site (example, request access support@courseticket.com)

More info

Any questions regarding to the API can be asked using any of our support lines: live chat, phone or email support@courseticket.com